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Peter Kuschnitzky Automatic Registration is not only for Long Run Applications Anymore!

Recently Innovative Printing Technologies (IPT, Inc.), the North American Agent for Sensotec Automatic Registration systems, installed two Systems at Gintzler Graphics in Buffalo, New York.

Because of the obvious benefits of the system, Mr. Nice decided to retrofit his 2003 and 2006 Gallus EM-280’s.

"After working with the Sensotec System on our newest 10-Color Gallus EM-280 press for just a few weeks, I realized that the real benefit of this system was in reducing make-ready time and material, not just holding running register, which was already quite good. Given that we are a short-to-medium run shop, printing mostly multicolor and combination work it is the make-ready savings that will pay for the unit, and quite quickly at that. The retrofit went very smoothly, with most of the installation being done over the weekend, resulting in little loss of production time." (Franklin Nice, Gintzler Graphics)

The installation on both machines was completed in three days. The training job chosen was 7 colors on clear material. The operator was asked to set up the job and then try it the "Sensotec Way." Set-up time was reduced by 60% and material savings was over the 65% mark!

Peter Kuschnitzky adds, "Thomas Vahlbruch and I enjoyed working with Mr. Nice and his team. All were very gracious and helpful. The first test job showed the system's capabilities and we could see the enthusiasm generated by the addition of this tool. In these questionable economic times every company is looking to reduce costs, reduce set-up time, help the environment, increase productivity. The Sensotec system is the tool that accomplishes all this and more."

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Design Label

Innovative Printing Technologies is pleased to share feedback received from Design Labels installation of the SensoTec Automatic Registration. This is the Industries first installation of a SensoTec system on a Mark Andy printing press. The installation was completed in 1.5 days and Design Label has been running the system for approximately five months.

Kyle Knight of Design Label Inc. writes: "Design Label installed a SensoTec Auto registration system in the fall of 2009 on our 8 color Mark Andy 4150 16" Flexo press. Our original reason for trying the system was the bottom line, how much time and material this system would save us. The benefits far exceeded our original expectations.

Our actual setup time for registration has been reduced to a third of what it used to take. Material waste has been cut in half. We will save a substantial amount of material in the first year of operation. These savings will give us an ROI of less then 9 months. With material prices increasing and customer's demands to reduce or hold pricing this system has allowed Design Label to remain competitive.

Another very noticeable benefit is the consistency in quality from operator to operator. We have taken the human element out of controlling the registration. Our operators now have more time to spend on the actual print quality and color overall making their jobs easier while giving us a higher quality product.

As our company grows and moves forward we have become much more environmentally conscious and realized that less waste is less landfill, less run time is less energy burned. Both our employees and our customers are pleased with the steps we have taken to become more efficient."

Material Savings With Sensotec Register Control On a GALLUS  EM280 Machine

  • Gallus EM280 at X-Label/EK-Print, Lubbecke, year of manufacture 2000
  • 8 flexo printing units, 1 rotary die cutting

Tests performed

  • Operation approx. 3 years without register control, recording of waste.
  • Thereafter retrofitting of SensoTec Register Control in April 2003.
  • Approx. 6 months recording of waste with SensoTec Register Control.


Reductions of the set-up waste: With every job change by approx. 35-40 %.
Reduction of the start-up waste: With every reel change on the unwinding reel by 50
% from approx. 120 m to approx. 60 m.
Reduction of the continuous printing waste: Approx. 3 – 5 % depending on job.

This produced a proven total

Saving of EURO 50,000 per year

In material costs through the retrofitting of the SensoTec Register Control.
Calculation bases: The material used on the machine is approx. 1 million
EURO/year, savings 5 %.

Additional saving

  • Reduction of disposal costs
  • Reduction of machine running time

These considerable savings factors must still be added to the above-mentioned value.