SensoTec Register Control system is one of the most powerful Lean Manufacturing tools for the Label and Carton printing industry. The system turn your line shaft printing press like a Servo-Like machine with Pre-Registration of the printing cylinders the SensoTec system removes human input from the registration process. No "teach in" of colors is necessary and fiber optic scanners ensure the fastest and most accurate sensing available today. Since its inception on a Gallus R-200 press, the SensoTec Systems have saved over 500 million linear meters of printing material. Recently the system has expanded to other presses, such as Mark Andy, Nilpeter, Webtron and many others. Browse thru the website or contact us directly to find out how the SensoTec System can help your manufacturing process.

Benefits of the system:
  • Pre-Registration of Print Cylinders.
  • Fiber Optic Sensors require no teach in and is able to distinguish low contrast colors
  • Consistent print results from Shift to Shift and Operator to Operator.
  • Intuitive Touch Screen Control Panel for easy operation.
  • Savings in set-up material, results of more then 50% have been reported.
  • Quicker set-up time = more production time
  • Spot Varnish/Adhesive, Covert Printing can be held in Register
  • Using Web/Cylinder sensing die-cutting and Hot Stamping can be registered.
  • Material Savings at roll change or splice.

This one system adds years of value to your machinery. The system accomplishes the main goals of "Lean Manufacturing," Quality Improvement, Cost Savings and Environmental Benefit.

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Sensotec system installed as Retro-Fit on an Arsoma 280.   Sensotec Control panel on a Nilpeter MO printing press.  The original control system was replaced by the Sensotec system. 
Multi-Mark disk  shown on a die cutting unit.  The mulit-mark disk allows die cutting cylinders, hot stamping cylinders and spot varnishes/adhesives to be controlled by the Automatic registrations controls.
Customer decided to replace existing Registration Control on this Nilpeter MO press.  Sensotec used the existing stepper motors to save costs.  The customer outfitted other machines shortly after realizing the benefits of the Sensotec Registration Control. Key component to the Sensotec system is the Motor Control unit.  This controls the 360 degree gearbox quickly and accurately. Sensotec Control panel on a Nilpeter MO printing press.